Error compiling kdelibs4_snapshot on AMD64

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Fri May 19 00:03:53 BST 2006

On Thursday, 18. May 2006 23:35, Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> Please tell me whether commenting this out works for you, we'll add a
> switch then.

I don't think thats a good idea, since we exactly know the conditions when 
visibility support should be disabled. its not a good idea to let people run 
into problems by default. 

basically it should be 

a) gcc version older than 4.1.0
b) libstdc++ compiled with nonstandard allocator. 

in these cases we have to disable visibility support. otherwise, I'd like to 
have it unconditionally enabled, otherwise developers don't find the problems 
(plugins not being loadable due to necessary symbols not being exported). 


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