[PATCH] kdm: No frame around widgets

Stephan Kulow coolo at kde.org
Wed May 17 20:45:58 BST 2006

Am Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2006 19:05 schrieb Oswald Buddenhagen:
> On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 06:48:36PM +0200, Aur?lien G?teau wrote:
> > Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> > > i can't say i like the idea of removing the frame. without it lineedits
> > > look so flat, just like random rectangles without function. some/all
> > > themes work against it, but they make a simple rectangle instead of a
> > > 3d effect around it.
> >
> > That's true, but this way themes get all control on the borders.
> yeah. that's the difference between theory and practice. :)
> coolo, what's your opinion?
The frames look ugly in most themes as the color schemes for our widgets are 
very unlikely to match all possible background images. So I think they have 
to be removed. I didn't look at the patch though.

Greetings, Stephan

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