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On Tuesday 16 May 2006 12:40, Michael Pyne wrote:
> But for that use case, we wouldn't need the separation between ksysguard
> and ksysguardd (the C daemon that actually collects the data) anyways.

personally i really wonder if ksysguard is trying to solve too many problems 
at once. right now it is:

 - the desktop process table viewer (ctrl+esc)
 - the system information monitor on the panel
 - a network monitoring system with multiple graphs and the ability to create 
custom views

it's a pretty over-engineered design for the first two and results in the 
process table viewer taking ages to show up when ctrl-esc is pressed.[1]

perhaps a way forward would be to move sysguard to kdeadmin at some point and 
call it an "admin tool".

i'd like to split out the Run Command dialog from the desktop into it's own 
app (so that it doesn't go south when the desktop crashes; admittedly this 
shouldn't happen but it does). perhaps a process table viewer window could  
be added to this app[2] to provide what ksysguard currently does for the 


[1]  as it is, having a process table that takes 4-5 seconds to show up when 
the system is idle is not overly useful when the system starts to seize up 
because some app is going nuts.

[2]  this would keep these items well insulated and they could even be run at 
a higher priority to keep them responsive in times of Bad Things Happening. 
the process table window should also probably be set to show about all over 
windows so it's guaranteed to be visible.

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