[Fwd: [kde-artists] Where to install (new) HiColor icons]

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sun May 14 20:05:38 BST 2006

I posted this to the kde-artists list a week ago and have received no 
reply.  This icon question needs to be decided -- probably by the TWG.

The way this looks to me is that I expended considerable work on this. 
I took the suggestion of other developers and moved the HiColor theme to 
KDEArtWork.  And, now suddenly without contacting me and with an 
aversive comment on SVN, JR has simply discarded my work.

The clear message is: "NO HELP WANTED".  If there is no useful 
discussion, that is the way I am going to take this and simply stop 
making icons.

I thought that we were all supposed to be peers in this project.  Or, is 
this the way that it is supposed to work?

The icon theme support remains a mess which I am willing to help 
straighten out.  The attitude appears to be that nobody cares if icon 
themes don't work correctly since there is no problem as long as you use 
the Default (CrystalSVG).  If that is the case, why not simply delete 
all other icon themes since they don't work correctly.  I have a major 
kludge installed on my system as a work around in order to get 
HiColor/KDEClassic to work correctly.

Basically, what JR has said is the KDE will NOT support the HiColor icon 
theme.  Was it up to him to make that decision?  Yes, there are some 
issues that need to be considered, but GNOME supports HiColor and 
FreeDesktop.org standards require it.

I have made new icons for KDE Standard Actions and Konqueror functions. 
  We need to have HiColor icons for these since KDEArtWork installs 
several icons themes that don't have them.  And there are many other 
icon themes available on KDE-Look that don't have them yet.  Not having 
them violates the intent of the spec and causes problems for anyone that 
doesn't use CrystalSVG.

I can't help but wonder if the fact that I committed some HiColor icons 
before I made and committed the corresponding CrystalSVG showed that 
*the* bug in the icon loader existed even if using CrystalSVG.  Was that 
the reason for his action or am I getting paranoid?

It appears that the artists can't seem to get along (this isn't the 
first problem with my work being deleted without consulting me) so we 
really need some outside help in making decisions.

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Subject: [kde-artists] Where to install (new) HiColor icons
Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 22:38:18 -0700
From: James Richard Tyrer <tyrerj at acm.org>
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# svn log -r538403
r538403 | jriddell | 2006-05-07 13:05:44 -0700 (Sun, 07 May 2006) | 6 lines

Remove hicolour icons.

KDE does not ship hicolour icons, they are for third part applications.

If adding icons to KDE add them to crystalsvg or kdeclassic


Not exactly sure how Konqueror and KDE Standard Actions should be
treated as third party applications, but IAC, The icons in question can
be separated into three classes:

1.	The new KDE trademark:


2.	Missing sizes for which KDEClassic icons and icons in (some)
	other themes do exist in some sizes:


3.	New icons for which NO icons of any size exist in any other
	theme except for CrystalSVG.


Obviously, these three classes would need to be treated differently.  In
the case of #2, I made the decision based on my best judgment to install
them as HiColor and if people feel that it would be better to do it
some	other way such as install them as KDEClassic even though the
KDEClassic theme is not maintained this is open for discussion -- it is
a judgment call.  Actually, I installed the 16x16 icons in #2 both as
HiColor and KDEClassic because HiColor is not available in KDE (although
it is in GNOME):


The other two classes, #1 & #3, are NOT judgment calls!

It should be equally obvious that #1 could not be installed as
KDEClassic because that would be a modification of the unmaintained
KDEClassic theme -- also, you can't install an SVG as KDEClassic.

Then there is #3.  These are new icons and they should not be installed
as KDEClassic unless HiColor inherits KDEClassic -- an idea which has
already been rejected.  It should be obvious why the generic versions of
new icons need to be installed as HiColor.  If they are not installed
there, the icon loader won't be able to find them as the fall back icon
theme when needed and the missing icon icon will be displayed -- bad idea.


After further consideration, it appears that if *the* bug is fixed that
the only way that things will work is that the icons which are missing
sizes in KDEClassic will need to be installed in both KDEClassic and in

Therefore, I will be adding them to KDEClassic.


This would not be necessary if HiColor inherited KDEClassic as I am 
recommending.  Then installing as KDEClassic would be all that is needed.

However, this does not resolve the issue of totally new icons.  Totally 
new generic icons need to be installed as HiColor.  If people do not 
understand my rational for this, I will be happy to discuss it.  I also 
note that I used to install new generic icons as KDEClassic, but now I 
realize that that was a mistake.  Specifically, I made MIME type icons 
for KOffice.  The HiColor icons were installed as KDEClassic because I 
didn't think the issue through throughly enough.  Since they are now 
obsolete, this isn't a large issue -- we don't yet have OASIS MIME type 
icons for KDE (which is an issue) and I was going to work on that next.

Please excuse me if my tone is not proper.  My cat died last week and 
I'm not really doing very well -- I am not in a good mood.


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