increasing the usability of search dialogs

Marc Schoechlin ms-kde at
Sat May 13 09:15:38 BST 2006


mozilla-firefox is not in general a masterpiece of usability - but I
really like the search-dialog of this program :-)

Positive aspects of the firefox search dialog compared to the common
look of a search-dialog in kde:

- It does not use a separate search-window. This is very useful
  because in most cases the first action after entering a
  search-pattern is to relocate the search dialog to a position
  which doesn`t overlap the text-block which should be examined.
- It supports "highlighting" of matches. 
  In my point of view this is very user-friendly, because this
  eases the user`s eyes to identify matching strings.

What do you think about this ?

There are numerous kde-programs which use search-dialogs, i.e.
konqueror, kword, kxml and kate. Some of them seems to use the same
implementation. Maybe it would bee a good idea to invent a
configurable standard-search dialog which looks like the
firefox-dialog ?

I suppose that there is alread a standard-dialog - so where
can i find this code in the svn-tree ?

Best regards

Marc Schoechlin

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