Concluding the discussion about splitting kdebase

Cornelius Schumacher schumacher at
Thu May 11 23:27:14 BST 2006

Some weeks ago I proposed to split up kdebase to make it easier to develop, 
distribute and deploy KDE applications inside and outside of the KDE core 
modules. See the thread at

To move things forward I will try to summarize the result of the discussion, 
so that we can then go to taking actions.

The most accepted solution seemed to be to split up kdebase in three SVN 
submodules: workspace, coreapps and apps. The kdebase SVN module would then 
only contain a cmake file listing the three subdirectories. For the release 
there would be made three tarballs from kdebase, each containing the code 
from one subdirectory: kdebase-workspace, kdebase-coreapps, kdebase-apps.

The submodules would be defined as follows:

* kdebase/workspace:

main X11 desktop apps, not needed to run KDE apps under TWM or Windows, but 
needed to run a full KDE desktop on X11

- kicker
- kdesktop
- kappfinder
- kmenuedit
- kcminit
- klipper
- knetattach
- kpager
- kdesktop
- kdm
- kdmlib
- kpersonalizer
- kscreensaver
- ksmserver
- ksplahml
- ksystraycmd
- ktip
- kwin
- menu
- plasma
- wallpapers

* kdebase/coreapps:

apps needed at runtime by all KDE apps, must also run under TWM and Windows

- drkonqi
- kioslaves
- kdesu
- kdebugdialog
- kreadconfig
- kdialog
- kstart
- khelpcenter
- kcontrol
- l10n
- kcontrol modules: accessibility, colors, fonts, locale, style

* kdebase/apps:

other apps, needed by users but not by other apps, would be nice to have under 
TWM and Windows

- konqueror
- libkonq
- nsplugins
- kate
- kfind
- konsole
- keditbookmarks
- kwrite
- kdeprint
- khotkeys 
- kcheckpass
- kdcop
- kdeeject
- kdepasswd
- ksysguard
- rest of kcontrol modules

The result would be:

1) A complete KDE environment should run and be usable with just kdelibs + 
kdebase, as it is right now. 

2) Running KDE applications outside KDE requires kdelibs + kdebase-coreapps

3) Compiling KDE applications requires kdelibs only

I think this would reach the goal of making clearer separations to make it 
easier to handle the stuff which is in kdebase.

Is this ok? Can we proceed and start moving to the new structure?

Cornelius Schumacher <schumacher at>

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