[RFC] Moving out KDE3 stuff out of trunk

Erik Kjær Pedersen erik at binghamton.edu
Sun May 7 13:49:05 BST 2006

Søndag 07. maj 2006 08:15 skrev Stephan Kulow:
> Am Sonntag, 7. Mai 2006 14:02 schrieb Nicolas Goutte:
> > But may be I was not clear enough. My proposal is not a final plan, it is
> > a plan to move forward. When KDE4 will be released, we can see what is
> > the situation at that time and then close branches that will seem to be
> > useless at that time.
> I don't like it at all. trunk/l10n is defined as unstable - no matter if
> the next unstable KDE release is called KDE3 or KDE4. And if the
> documentation team is maintaining KDE3.5 documentation in progress in
> trunk/KDE or are starting with KDE4 documentation there is there agenda, I
> don't think this justifies another l10n module.
> Greetings, Stephan

I have to say I am rather overwhelmed by this suggestion. Trunk should at some 
point be pointed only to programs depending on kde 4 and stable to programs 
depending on 3.x.x libraries. We may have to loosen up on how frozen stable 
is some times, but that surely is better than getting one more copy of 
everything in there.


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