[RFC] Moving out KDE3 stuff out of trunk

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at snafu.de
Sat May 6 20:43:17 BST 2006

I suppose that it is time to start to move out KDE3 stuff from trunk before it 
starts to conflict with the development KDE4, especially starting by moving 
out trunk/l10n to be able to get a step further for the new KDE4 

I propose that a branch branches/unstable3 should be created to keep all KDE3 
stuff that is currently in trunk. (The idea includes that there will be a 
branches/stable3 that will replace branches/stable when it would be needed 
for KDE4.)

I propose the following plan in 4 phases:

1. Create the branch branches/unstable3
2. Copy trunk/l10n to branches/unstable3/l10n
3. Create an unstable KDE3 in branches/unstable3/KDE (copied from 
branches/stable/KDE )
4. Moving the rest of the KDE3 stuff out of trunk.

The time plan is more or less:
- phase 1 within a few hours after the decision
- phase 2 within a few days
- phase 3 within a few weeks
- phase 4 within a few months

- Phase 1 needs to be done by somebody having enough karma to create a 
directory in branches
- I could do phase 2 (including needed changes for Scripty).
- Phase 3 means also copying the documentation from trunk/KDE. (That is why 
this phase is part of this proposed plan.)
- Phase 4 might need to be split too if kdenonbeta, playgrounds and unstable 
extragears should be not changed in one go.

The branches/unstable3/KDE could be the start of a KDE 3.6 (after KDE4), if 
such a project would become concrete somehow. (If not, it would not be 
difficult to delete it when it would really evident that there would not be 
any KDE 3.6.)

As for Scripty, doing this plan completely would probably mean that we have to 
change Scripty to make it work in two days: one day for processing KDE3 stuff 
and the other one for KDE4 stuff.

Have a nice day!

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