KDE 4 Core Libraries major features

Hamish Rodda rodda at kde.org
Fri Mar 31 12:43:17 BST 2006

On Friday 31 March 2006 22:14, Olaf Jan Schmidt wrote:
> [ Thiago Macieira ]
> > If there is something more, feel free to add them to the list. These are
> > the features that will need to be present in the Core Libraries for a
> > future kdelibs Technical Preview release sometime later this year.
> All widgets need to properly work with the Qt Accessibility Framework. This
> is especially important for all widgets in KDE libraries. Writing tools for
> easy testing of accessibility support depends on DBUS support being
> finished, which means that it will take a while before we can push people
> to start coding on this.
> It must be clear to everyone that it needs to be task of the respective
> maintainers to find someone to work on this. Our very small accessibility
> team is already more than busy providing the proper framework for this and
> writing documentation. And translators are not expected to adding the i18n
> calls into all applications either.
> It is not necessary to finish accessibility support for the preview, but we
> need it when KDE4 is released.

I agree entirely.

I tried to implement this for the kate editor, but I couldn't find the 
implementation for QTextEdit (which I was going to use for "inspiration")... 
does anyone know where this is?  Or anything in the way of more step-by-step 

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