KDE 4 Core Libraries major features

Richard Moore richmoore44 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 23:36:11 BST 2006

Responding purely in terms of 0 - is it needed:

On 3/30/06, Thiago Macieira <thiago at kde.org> wrote:
> - Build System


> - Getting rid of Qt3Support

No, Qt3Support is supported - it would be nice to avoid it,  but it's
not on the critical path IMO.

> - Phonon


> - Solid

Totally, we need to support dynamically changing hardware well in the
KDE 4 timeframe.

> - D-Bus

Not on the critical path IMO, but I think this argument is already
lost so we should support it.

> - KConfig backends

Needed if we want to be able to support enterprise users properly.

> - XMLGUI upgrade

Essential, this is a major issue for the development of any
non-trivial plugin supporting app.

> - KHTML & friends (WebKit, KDOM/KHTML2/KSVG2)

Of course.

> - Akonadi

What's this?



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