Checking for lib suffix broken

Andras Mantia amantia at
Thu Mar 30 20:58:51 BST 2006


 I posted a mail about having linking error when building branch. It 
turned out that my new libraries were installed in lib instead of 
lib64, which was caused by commit 523039 from Coolo:
"- apply patch by Marc Espie to rewrite the auto check for libsuffix
tools that work on OpenBSD (so far untested)
- don't treat empty output of kde-config --libsuffix as auto - otherwise
it's pointless"

The first part seems to be OK, but the second part (changing the default 
value from "auto" to "no") broke the entire meaning of this 
autodetection. Now the autodetection will not be executed unless you 
specify --enable-libsuffix=auto. Well, if you anyway specify a flag, 
you could use "--enable-libsuffix=64" as well. If the problem is that 
"kde-config --libsuffix" doesn't work in that cases, kde-config should 
be fixed. But I don't see an error there, as if shows me "64" even with 
my patch applied.

Aside of that, there was a bash error as well in the script. The 
suggested patch is attached.


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