[Kde-extra-gear] kdereview/extragear procedure

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Wed Mar 29 10:26:53 BST 2006

Op Tuesday 28 March 2006 20:37, schreef Kevin Krammer:
> For the current situation I could imagine something like this:
> - developers can move their project to kdereview when they think they are
> ready for it

> - if there are unmet requirements the developer has to implement them until
> they are met or can opt to move directly back to playground

> - once all requirements are met but not earlier than this four week RFC
> period the project can move to extragear


If we are setting up a procedure for this, we should decide who moves all the 
translation files. Moving the app from playground to review is not much work, 
but moving all corresponding translation files from one folder to another is.

There should be one person/group doing it and/or the steps should be 
documented somewhere.

Next to that I saw that the strings in the desktop files are combined for all 
applications in that playground module, that's another difficulty when moving 
frequently through modules.

Last point, a bit off topic, I have is that it is impossible to know for 
translators which applications are alfa/beta stage in playground and which 
are released frequently and should be translated, any hints on some wiki page 
perhaps would be welcomed. Something like 'preparing for kdereview' would be 

Tom Albers

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