cmake support into kde4.0

Adriaan de Groot groot at
Mon Mar 27 10:03:45 BST 2006

On Friday 24 March 2006 15:32, Jaison Lee wrote:
> What in the world must happen for everyone to understand that cmake is
> the buildsystem for KDE4? 

An unequivocal announcement that this is the case and documentation stating so 
as well (remember Thiago's k-c-d mail from last month?); fixing the 
documentation on quality.k.o, developer.k.o, women.k.o and wherever there are 
more build instructions; pointing to a specific cmake version (not CVS - 
W.H.'s recent 2.3.4 release specifically for us would be a good one) to use 
for now.

That'd do it.

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