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Tue Mar 21 13:25:33 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 15:01, Andras Mantia wrote:
> I tested and it happens only with builddir != srcdir.

Furthermore the problem is in dcop/CMakeFiles/DCOP.dir/build.make.

Now I'm not sure anymore if this is a cmake problem or the limitation of 
make itself. There are rules like:

dcop/CMakeFiles/DCOP.dir/depend.make.mark: ../../../../data/development/sources/kde-trunk/kdelibs/dcop/dcopstub.cpp

dcop/CMakeFiles/DCOP.dir/dcopstub.o: dcop/CMakeFiles/DCOP.dir/flags.make
dcop/CMakeFiles/DCOP.dir/dcopstub.o: ../../../../data/development/sources/kde-trunk/kdelibs/dcop/dcopstub.cpp
        @echo "Building CXX object dcop/CMakeFiles/DCOP.dir/dcopstub.o"
        /usr/bin/c++   $(CXX_FLAGS) -o 
-c /data/development/sources/kde-trunk/kdelibs/dcop/dcopstub.cpp

depend.make.mark requires dcopstub.cpp from the source directory and 
altough there is a rule for dcopstub.o, I get the error. But if I use 
absolute paths instead of relative ones (like it is after the "-c"), 
make will accept and no error is given.
If make really wants absolute paths, cmake should convert the relative 
paths to absolute in all places and use that one.


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