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Mon Mar 20 17:42:25 GMT 2006

Alexander Neundorf wrote:
>> That is acceptable for a developer, but not for releases (i.e.,
>> package made by a distributor).
>Yes, of course. If building for a release, one should use "none" or
> "install" or "default".
>> Which is why I don't think it should be the default: the default
>> should be to build what you're going to install. Developers can switch
>> the feature.
>Currently the only people installing KDE4 are developers. And you don't
>install complete kdelibs *so* often I think.

For the moment. We'll start doing that when kdebase and other modules 
start being developed. You need to build and install kdelibs to make use 
of its new features or to cope with any changes made there.

Besides, my point is: imagine an user downloading the KDE source code. 
He'll run "cmake; make; sudo make install" or "configure; make; sudo make 
install". That build should create the final binary before "make 

Distributions are not the issue here, because they pass lots of options 
to ./configure and patch the source code a lot.

>> Besides, if you run "make" as an user and "sudo make install", you'll
>> end up with root-owner libraries in your build-dir. I'd rather root
>> did not run "ld" under normal circumstances.
>> So, please, change the default.
>Since the current default should "just work", I'd prefer to keep it
> until we have some real-life experiences with it.

Ok, as long as it's temporary. But we have to change it some time before 
the Beta releases (probably the Alpha ones too).

>Really, I'd prefer now that we concentrate on getting it working on all
>supported platforms, and not only kdelibs, but also the other modules.
>Once we are so far, then we can continue with the fine-tuning.

Agreed. I'll let this matter rest for the moment.

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