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Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Mon Mar 20 17:33:18 GMT 2006

On Monday 20 March 2006 18:09, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> >> And I strongly urge to make this option the default. It has to be so
> >> for released code anyways, or the "no rpath" option.
> >> Relinking during installing and leaving clutter in the form of
> >> build-paths are not options for release code.
> >
> >Which clutter do you mean ? I'm not aware of any.
> Installing binaries whose rpaths are pointing to the build-dir. 

This is not the case with the current default option.

> That is acceptable for a developer, but not for releases (i.e., package made
> by a distributor).

Yes, of course. If building for a release, one should use "none" or "install" 
or "default".

> >The current default option is the one which works best (as in "I don't
> > know of any problems with it") , but takes more time when doing "make
> > install".
> A lot more, considering the number of libraries and programs to be linked.
> I'm just glad that libtool is gone, otherwise this would be unbearably
> slow.
> Which is why I don't think it should be the default: the default should be
> to build what you're going to install. Developers can switch the feature.

Currently the only people installing KDE4 are developers. And you don't 
install complete kdelibs *so* often I think. 

> Besides, if you run "make" as an user and "sudo make install", you'll end
> up with root-owner libraries in your build-dir. I'd rather root did not
> run "ld" under normal circumstances.
> So, please, change the default.

Since the current default should "just work", I'd prefer to keep it until we 
have some real-life experiences with it.

> >Disadvantages of the other options:
> >"none" and "install": in order to run the applications from the build
> > tree, wrapper shell scripts have to be invoked. Not dramatic, it works,
> > but running the executable directly is nicer.
> And since only developers want those features, they can turn it on. And
> since it's just a wrapper script, it's not a big impact at all.
> It'll only be a problem if you try to debug, since gdb needs to load the
> correct executable and set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (libtool had a
> libtool --mode=debug that we never used in KDE, I think). In those cases,
> developers should opt to use the "both" method.
> >After all, let's just work a bit with the options as they are now, then
> > we'll see better what we really need.
> >The four options available now should be enough to satisfy most
> > developers needs.
> Indeed. I'm just asking that the default option be the one that creates
> the binaries that will be installed before "make install", without
> leaving traces of the build-dir.

As I said, the current default doesn't leave traces of the builddir.

Really, I'd prefer now that we concentrate on getting it working on all 
supported platforms, and not only kdelibs, but also the other modules.
Once we are so far, then we can continue with the fine-tuning.

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