Quality checks (again)

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Mon Mar 20 14:40:43 GMT 2006


Some brainstorming for useful tests for accessibility:

* For widget classes: Provides QAccessible information (Harald Fernengel 
should not know to test for this).

* In dialogues: Has a keyboard accelerator for every widget (without 

* Shows the same menu for right mouse clicks and the context menu keyboard 
shortcuts. And if an item with context menu does not accept keyboard focus, 
the all menu entries must have keyboard shortcutss assigned or be available 
elsewhere. (Maybe a manual check is needed heer, but as much automation as 
possible would help a lot.)

[ Andras Mantia ]
>  11. No icon issues (uses the standard icons or provides icons and
> installs to the right place)

* Also has a monochrome icon in the kdeaccessibility module.

* Does not use hardcoded colors or sizes, if such a test is automatically 
possible at all. Otherwise manual review by the usability team is needed.

But implementing this test only makes sense after reworking the color scheme 
system. I am currently discussing this with usability and artwork people and 
will send something to the HCI list soon.


Olaf Jan Schmidt, KDE Accessibility co-maintainer, open standards 
accessibility networker, Protestant theology student and webmaster of 
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