XML serialization functionality

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Mon Mar 20 09:16:16 GMT 2006

Frans Englich wrote:
>My idea is to create an "XMLIndenter" class(which KOffice seems to need)
>depending on feedback. XMLIndenter would sub-class QXmlContentHandler,
> have a content handler("QXmlContentHandler *contentHandler() const",
> etc) and a property for the indentation string("void
> setIndentString(const QString &i)", etc). It would re-implement all the
> handler functions and before/after sending forwarding to its
> contentHandler(), it would push indentation via characters().

Huh? Indentation?

Unless you consider the \n too much, I recommend adding them after each 
and every tag. Then you add level * n spaces, where level is your nesting 
level and "n" is a user-defined value of the number of spaces per level. 
No indentation would mean n = 0.

That's how QDomNode::save works.
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