XML serialization functionality

Frans Englich frans.englich at telia.com
Sun Mar 19 11:39:50 GMT 2006

Ok, I got a first draft of a class for serializing XML. It's called XMLWriter, 
located in XMLWriter.{cpp,h}, found at:


Tests and doxygen files are in the tests/ subdir.

The class documentation hopefully explains the class. Other than that it's the 
usual drill: no memory leaks/errors(valgrind), no Qt compat code, no 
warnings, d-pointerification, QTestLib tests(data-driven).

It's still unclear where the class will end up, which explains the namespace 
and the class name. The Private class is for now inside the class definition 
and not called XMLWriterPrivate.

My idea is to create an "XMLIndenter" class(which KOffice seems to need) 
depending on feedback. XMLIndenter would sub-class QXmlContentHandler, have a 
content handler("QXmlContentHandler *contentHandler() const", etc) and a 
property for the indentation string("void setIndentString(const QString &i)", 
etc). It would re-implement all the handler functions and before/after 
sending forwarding to its contentHandler(), it would push indentation via 

From what I can tell, what I've left out from KoXmlWriter is indentation(will 
be handled by XMLIndenter); 2) OASIS specific stuff, and 3) well, perhaps 
helper functions.

What do people think? What is missing? What needs correction? Comments?



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