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Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Sat Mar 18 22:59:39 GMT 2006

On Saturday 18 March 2006 23:49, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> On Saturday 18 March 2006 23:07, Allen Winter wrote:
> > I just committed a change which provides
> >
> > --enable-final
> >   -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release          -O2
> Are you sure about that one? --enable-final does some very *different*
> things than just setting optimization flags, and is generally broken and
> unsupported (ie. there's nothing like a "policy" that says things should
> compile with --enable-final, and it's generally easier to add NO_FINAL to a
> directory than to figure out what's wrong). So you might want to change the
> mapping; the cmake option isn't bad.

I think he just mixed the names up, we have a KDE4_ENABLE_FINAL option which 
does "--enable-final", and you can set CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to "release" which 
does "-O2.

> In addition, can you add this to COMPILING-WITH-CMAKE in kdelibs/ and/or to
> the hypothetical compilation instructions on ?

They are not that hypothetical anymore (while still not finished):

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