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Michaël Larouche michael.larouche at
Sat Mar 18 13:02:34 GMT 2006

Le March 17, 2006 22:36, Allen Winter a écrit :
> Howdy,
> Ok, I have cmake working to create the kdelibs4_snapshot Makefiles and
> 'make' works just fine. A couple questions:
>  - how to tell cmake to do the equivalent of the --enable-debug=full
> configure option
>  - how to tell cmake to enable/disable features (like --disable-cups)
>  - how to tell cmake to use/not use packages (like --without-tiff)
>  - would it be possible to create Makefiles that unsermake can use?  if so,
> we could still have some nice things that unsermake provides, like the
> progress percentage, colors, simplified/clarified make output...

Can we also provide a "uninstall" target ? According to CMake site, we must 
make our own target:

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