kxml_compiler in the kdepim trunk build causing problems

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Tue Mar 14 22:13:50 GMT 2006

Hi Gurus,

During the kdepim trunk build process, kxml_compiler is run in kresources/featureplan
to generate C++ code from a RelaxNG schema XML file.    I build kdepim trunk
as my regular user with my normal KDE3 desktop.

Basically, when kxml_compiler trunk runs in my KDE3 desktop it screws things up
so badly that klauncher dies, DCOP can no longer be contacted, etc.   Then I have
logout, clean up /var/tmp/ksycocoa* in a virtual terminal, and then log back in.

Note that kconfig_compiler is harmless when doing similar things in the kdelibs4_snapshot build.

So what needs to be done in trunk/kdepim/kode/kxml_compiler/kxml_compiler.cpp  to make
kxml_compiler harmless to my KDE3 desktop environment??

Help and Regards,
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