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Tue Mar 14 14:35:43 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 14 March 2006 14:35, Matt Rogers wrote:
> - How much does support of mulitple audio devices rely on the backend?

That looks like 100% responsibilty of the backend.

> For 
> example, there are Kopete users who have multiple sound cards and want to
> be able to select which sound card does the recording/playback of the voice
> chat.

OK, here's my idea how that would work for a user:
- KDE 4 starts for the first time and recognizes more than one soundcard
or: if the second soundcard is plugged in while KDE is running
- it asks what what soundcard to use by default (for notifications, music and 
so on) -> this setting is then saved so that the next time the device is 
plugged in the question doesn't come up again
- in Kopete the user can open the "devices" configuration and select from a 
list: the device for audio capture, the device for video capture, the device 
for audio playback

> - Are APIDOX the only documentation available? I haven't looked at them to
> see how complete they are, but a little tutorial that shows how do to
> simple things with the Phonon API would be nice to have.

There's more in the works. And I will announce it as soon as it's ready for 
the public.

> - How well are video devices supported? Kopete is considering a complete
> switch to Phonon for all of it's audio/video needs and so this is important
> to us. Is this backend dependant?

This is backend dependant: AFAIK xinelib will, in the near future, not do any 
capturing. So there will be pure playback backends. Other backends like 
gstreamer and NMM will probably support the full range from audio/video 
capture to network streaming.
We might want a field in the backend's desktop file to make it possible for 
Kopete to query only for backends supporting capture. If we do that it's 
gonna get a little more complicated with regard to soundcard device sharing 
and such as two KDE programs might use different backends then. But those are 
solvable problems...

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