move Phonon to trunk kdelibs (another branch to merge)

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Tue Mar 14 13:58:46 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 14 March 2006 14:50, Matt Rogers wrote:
> On Tuesday 14 March 2006 07:37, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > On Tuesday 14 March 2006 14:15, Michaël Larouche wrote:
> > > Also a question, where do we but the backends, we can't put that into
> > > kdelibs for sure.
> > >
> > > I wondering that too when we will merge kdehw(Solid) branch upstream,
> > > where this new brick of softwares will go.
> >
> > Good point, maybe we can contact our packagers on that matter, they are
> > likely the ones who are most affected by any decision on this matter.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Kevin
> why do packagers matter in this particular case? IIUC, we're talking about
> where in kdelibs this should probably go.

As long as they are in kdelibs there should be no problem, I was referring to 
the posting's part where Michaël writes "...we can't put that into kdelibs 
for sure..."

Given the current situation where we have plugins for different modules in 
kdeaddon and some packagers building one package per module (independent of 
their reason, lack of time for splitting comes to mind), we might do our 
users a favor by coordinating a future module structure with our packagers to 
provide better hints which parts should end up in which package.


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