KDE4 Development Critical Path

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Tue Mar 14 09:40:41 GMT 2006

Hello fellow developers

As we put forth in our Mission Statement, the TWG would like to have a 
clear critical path of features in development that need to be complete 
in order for KDE 4 to be released and be successful.

If you've ever worked with project scheduling, we're looking to build 
something in the lines of a Gantt or PERT chart.

In order to build this critical path, we need to know:

- what is on this critical path
- how long it will take for each task to complete
- what other tasks it depends on

So, first and foremost: what is on the critical path.

We'd like to hear from our developers what the critical features and 
frameworks are that must be present in KDE 4 Core Libraries (or whatever 
we name them, this is another task, but for later) in order for 
application porting to start to stabilise.

I'd like to keep this list short, to only the large and critical points. 
General class cleanup must be done and is one such item, but listing each 
class is not. Let me give examples to illustrate: Phonon, Buildsystem, 
IPC, reorganise libraries are items to be on this list; "rewrite kprocess 
to use QProcess", "port KIO to Qt4", "Plasma" aren't -- or at least 
doesn't look like it at first. Plasma is Desktop, not Core Libraries.

The reason for this is that we're setting a tentative date of October 14th 
for our first KDE 4 Technical Preview release. That's currently a wild 
guess and has no basis in real work to be done. Hence the need to 
substantiate and to find out how much we still have ahead of us.

The idea of this milestone we're currently calling Technical Preview 
Release is when all the big, critical features are in and when we go to a 
state of "no big changes". We won't enter even source compatibility yet, 
but something close to it.

So, please fill in the list: what are the critical KDE 4 frameworks that 
we'll need for our TPR?

- Buildsystem: in order to build KDE (duh :-P)
- Phonon: the new multimedia framework for KDE4
- Solid: the new hardware abstraction framework
- D-Bus: replace DCOP with D-Bus throughout KDE code

Also, please elaborate on what your items are, so that everyone has a good 
idea of what we're talking about.
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