[PATCH] KSpell2 improvement

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Mon Mar 13 09:06:12 GMT 2006

Mashrab Kuvatov wrote:
>Hi all,
>at the moment in kspell2 dialog (kword, kpresenter, ...) in a language
> combo there are cryptic dictionary names such as en_CA-wo_accents,
> en_GB-ise, en_GB-ise-w_accents, fr_FR-80 etc. I think you agree it is
> not very user friendly.
>Attached is a patch for kspell2 in kdelibs to show fully localized
> language and country names in a combo above. I tested it with 126
> Aspell dictionaries, worked pretty well.

Thank you for that. Sounds like a very good idea.

> Exceptions are no, srd, tet 
> and tl languages - KGlobal::locale()->twoAlphaToLanguageName does not
> know them.

"no" is supposed to be Norwegian. The two alternatives are "nb" for 
Norwegian Bokmål and "nn" for Norwegian Nynorsk.

ISO 639-1 accepts all 3 forms. It looks like we missed something.

"tl" is Tagalog and is not the same as "tlh" (which is Klingon... man, 
they have it encoded in ISO 639-1...)

"srd" is the same as "sc" for Sardinian. Sounds like Aspell needs to 
update their sources to "sc".

Finally, "tet" is Tetum. But I'm not sure we have the 3-alpha translations 

>One todo is left. One has to translate dictionary cryptic extension
> names into English and i18n'ify it. I have no idea how to do it.

I'd recommend we use the form "Language (Region) Variant" for English and 
construct it as 
	i18n("%1 (%2) %3").arg(i18n(language), i18n(region), i18n(variant)) 
so that translators get the chance to translate everything tokens.

Do not construct the strings like you did:
+              localizedDictionary += " (" + cISOName + ")";

That means: extract all the extensions known to aspell into a file, map 
them to an English name and mark them for translation.

>Would be nice to get it into stable (as it is there are no new
> messages). KWord and KPresenter users would appreciate it. By the way,
> one can do the same for dictionary selection combo in KWord's
> preferences for example.

We're in feature-freeze. This is KDE 4 code...

>The patch is against stable. One can try it with test_dialog in
> kspell2/test directory.

One other thing: you construct this map every time, including when the 
language is changed. Please cache it somewhere in a variable to avoid 
doing the expensive work whenever the user clicks the drop-down list.

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