[PATCH] KSpell2 improvement

Mashrab Kuvatov kmashrab at sat.physik.uni-bremen.de
Sun Mar 12 23:41:02 GMT 2006

Hi all,

at the moment in kspell2 dialog (kword, kpresenter, ...) in a language combo
there are cryptic dictionary names such as en_CA-wo_accents, en_GB-ise, 
en_GB-ise-w_accents, fr_FR-80 etc. I think you agree it is not very user 

Attached is a patch for kspell2 in kdelibs to show fully localized language 
and country names in a combo above. I tested it with 126 Aspell dictionaries, 
worked pretty well. Exceptions are no, srd, tet and tl languages - 
KGlobal::locale()->twoAlphaToLanguageName does not know them.

One todo is left. One has to translate dictionary cryptic extension names into
English and i18n'ify it. I have no idea how to do it.

Would be nice to get it into stable (as it is there are no new messages). 
KWord and KPresenter users would appreciate it. By the way, one can do the 
same for dictionary selection combo in KWord's preferences for example.

The patch is against stable. One can try it with test_dialog in kspell2/test 


PS. Please CC me. I'm not in a list.

PGP key: www.uni-bremen.de/~kmashrab/kmashrab.asc
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