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Sat Mar 11 18:46:45 GMT 2006

Peter K├╝mmel schrieb:
> Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> You'll notice that QT3_SUPPORT is used everywhere throughout 
>> Qt{Core,Gui,Xml,Network} between the modifier and the return type. But 
>> it's defined to be empty unless QT3_SUPPORT_WARNINGS is defined.
>> The same goes for QT_COMPAT and QT_COMPAT_WARNINGS.
> Ok, now it's clear.
>>> my problem was that kdemacros.h does not include qglobal.h so all
>>> all the qt macros are unknown and the disabling in case of msvc
>>> does not work:
>> It should include QtCore/qglobal.h.
> Including qglobal.h was not a good idea of me, it's not necessary
> when we don't test on qt macros.
>> And, as I said in other emails, we should define our own 
>> KDE_DEPRECATED_WARNINGS to turn it on and off.
> Yes, this is a good idea, and should solve all the problems.
> (but it's not possible to remove all deprecated functions,
> like it could be done with Brad's approach)
> Moving to this code as following implications
> (with the currebt svn code):
> - deprecated warning are disabled by default
> - when enabling gcc has no problems, but msvc build is broken
>   but a soft migration is still possible (by disabling)
Don't understand this - Thigao said that we want to move around
KDE_DEPRECATED '*before* the return type' - and this is what msvc want's
to but not gcc <= 3.3...


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