country flags have different sizes

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Mon Mar 6 16:10:41 GMT 2006

On Monday 06 March 2006 14:12, Andriy Rysin wrote:
> Nicolas Goutte wrote:
> > On Monday 06 March 2006 03:40, Andriy Rysin wrote:
> >> I've posted this question once several years ago and I don't believe I
> >> saw an answer so I'll try again :)
> >> Currently we have 228 country flags:
> >> - 135 of them are 21x14
> >> - 38 of them are 21x10
> >> - a lot of others are in other sizes
> >>
> >> Also some of the flags are just smaller png (like "yu") and some of them
> >> have smaller flag padded by gray color in png (like "si").
> >>
> >> I know there are some flags that have different aspect than others but I
> >> still believe some unification is still needed.
> >> We might want to bring most of them to 3x2 aspect (i.e. 21x14) and
> >> remove gray padding to be consistent.
> >
> > There is something that I do not understand in this message.
> >
> > Are you telling that kxkb is not using the flags in kdebase/l10n or are
> > you telling that it is those flags that are wrong.
> kxkb uses kdebase/l10n, but here attached is the list of flags and their
> sizes - quite inconsistent, as I said before: around half is 21x14, some
> flags are smaller size and some are padded with gray

Do you plan to do this for KDE 3.5.2 or only for KDE 3.5.3 or even only for 

If it is for later than for KDE 3.5.2, I would suggest to try to discuss the 
problem on kde-i18n-doc so that each translation team can fix the flag of its 
country (or countries). (Then we can see later for the rest.)

> > By the way, for flags, see also (in SVG format)
> >
> > (as far as I have  understood, a few of them in KDE comes from there).
> thanks for the link, so if they done from vector graphics that mean we
> can pretty much just regenerate them with new target size, can't we?

> Would anybody know the procedure how kdebase/l10n flags are created?

Oh, I am quite sure that most were done by hand.

May be you should check with people creating icons. However months ago, small 
icons still needed to be corrected by hand when generated from SVG. (That 
nearly brought the end of 16x16 icons.) I have no idea about the current 

Also I do not know the license of the Sodipoli flags. That should be checked 
too if a mass-conversion is done.

> Thanks,
> Andriy

Have a nice day!

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