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On Saturday 04 March 2006 12:45, Andras Mantia wrote:
>  Sure, if the application author wants, it can do such things. But what I
>  say, if you just start to use the main KConfig object of the
>  application, you should get kiosk support without addign further code.

you do. and if you use KConfigXT you get enable/disable automagically in your 
config dialogs as well.

>  > then you have situations
>  > like kicker where i'm not sure we'd generify its kiosk support.
>  Do I understand correctly, that you don't want kiosk support for
>  kicker??

heh.. no, the opposite. i significantly extended kiosk support in kicker in 
the last two releases. but it took a lot of instrumenting of code since it's 
not menus (free with xmlgui), it's not config dialogs (free with kconfigxt) 
and it's not reading/writing of values. it's things like "if this button is 
marked immutable, then don't put the move/delete entries in the context menu 
for that button". for most apps you get a lot of stuff for free. but there 
are all kinds of custom application features that just can't be easily 
accounted for generically.

>  > what we do have is: configuration dialogs that automatically interact
>  > with kiosk properly via kconfigxt; kconfig that, if not given an
>  > absolute path, honours kiosk transparently. what else can you see
>  > wanting?
>  Nothing else, but in this case I'm wondering why there are so many apps
>  or config pages which do not honour kiosk settings. 

depends on how they are written. if they simply update in-memory objects 
without writing to a kconfig object and then reading back out of it then they 
won't respect kiosk. and that's a bug in the program.

if they use kconfigxt they get all that, plug enable/disable of widgets, for 

>  Something is either 
>  not straightforward to do and many do it wrongly, 

we introduced kconfigxt too late for many people =)

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