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On Saturday 04 March 2006 03:41, Andras Mantia wrote:
> Is there any work planned on KIOSK support for KDE 4

i'm working on kconfig to partly bring some additional features to kiosk =)

> kiosk should be transparent and should not require any 
> action from the application developer.

good luck. an application can "work around" kiosk by doing things like passing 
an absolute path to kconfig which prevents the layering of KDEDIRS groups 
(for obvious reasons). then you have situations like kicker where i'm not 
sure we'd generify its kiosk support.

what we do have is: configuration dialogs that automatically interact with 
kiosk properly via kconfigxt; kconfig that, if not given an absolute path, 
honours kiosk transparently. what else can you see wanting?

one thing that would be useful is to add a KStandardDirs::findAllResources 
variant that returns just filenames. there is one that returns fullpaths and 
*takes* a qstringlist which it populates with filenames (uck uck uck). the 
problem is that most just use the former (including kicker, now that i look 
at it; i'll fix that today). if you feed those abs paths to KConfig / 
KDesktopFile you don't get the KDEDIRS cascade and kiosk is bypassed. right 
now that's probably one the bigger sources of non-KDEDIRS-layering 
cofiguration reads IME.

>  Regarding kiosk I also have another problem: in some cases it is
>  desirable to have global, but changeable configuration for a group of
>  users (not global defaults for every user, but based on the group they
>  are in).

this is perfectly doable by assigning a profile to the group in /etc/kderc. if 
this does not work for a given app, that's a bug in that app.

i'd suggest fixing those apps

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