kconfig and kde global config files

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sat Mar 4 16:30:02 GMT 2006

On Saturday 04 March 2006 03:31, Clarence Dang wrote:
>  If one of these instances changes a config entry, the config change is not

change notification really is something that would be good to add. it's a 
little out of the scope of what i was hoping to do in this revision to be 
honest, but discussion can't hurt (and maybe i get really motivated? kconfig 
hacking is certainly not getting me laid, however ;)

we could provide some sort of config daemon that all config read/write happens 
through. done right this requires atomic commits and transactions. that's 
quite a bit to do.

we could also have a daemon that simply coordinates writing: writes still 
happen locally, but are notified of to a central process which then notifies 
the appropriate registered apps.

or we could have kconfig itself emit dcop^Hdbus signals saying "i've written 
to this app". wouldn't take care of the "two apps writing simultaneously" 

we can't really go the "cheap" route and simply watch the file(s) for changes 
in this case because config files will no longer be guaranteed to be single 
text files in kde4 (multiple backends). so while this might work ok for INI 
configs, it would probably work poorly with LDB. it would also suck because 
it would require reparsing the whole file rather than just updating the 
sections that changed... *shrug*

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