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(I'm posting just because there was another thread about kconfig).
 Is there any work planned on KIOSK support for KDE 4? Recently I used 
KIOSK a lot, and altough it is good, it has some problems. For example 
some applications seem to ignore the settings in a kiosk profile. As I 
understood, in theory every application using KConfig should be able to 
deal with invariant sections of the config file. 

  My question is if this is true now, and if not, what should be done 
- make it true
- fix the existing applications

So shortly: kiosk should be transparent and should not require any 
action from the application developer.

Regarding kiosk I also have another problem: in some cases it is 
desirable to have global, but changeable configuration for a group of 
users (not global defaults for every user, but based on the group they 
are in).
 As I saw this is not possible now, but maybe I'm wrong and it is just 
the same bug as above that some applications just ignore the settings 
in a profile.

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