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Fri Mar 3 20:20:24 GMT 2006

On Friday 03 March 2006 03:05, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>  If you wanted to write a class to allow turning autostart on and off, your
>  class is too long.

because i'd also like to be able to replace the code in kinit/autostart.cpp so 
we have this stuff handled in exactly one place.

i'd also like to eventually have an autostart management panel / app so people 
can easily turn these things off/on, change them, add new ones even. given 
how many times i have stepped people through "open konqi, click on Go -> 
Autostart, right click, select new.... etc." we apparently don't make this 
easy or obvious. so this class would make a nice starting point for that.

the xdg list was simply the original motivator, but it's not the entire scope 
of the problem.

>  The way I had envisioned it, apps would install the .desktop file with
>  Hidden=true to the autostart directory by default. No application shall
>  become "autostartable" without the user turning it on.

well, unless they have OnlyShowIn=KDE of course

>  The application would simply write to the _user_'s autostart dir a file
>  with the same name and with the contents: Hidden=false. This should be
>  enough to turn auto-start on.

and this is what it will generally be used for by app developers.

>  I don't see why applications need to query or set the Exec, TryExec, and
>  other fields. This should be already in the installed .desktop file. All

and usually it will be.

p.s. i've also added the Q_OBJECT macro and virtual_hook that were missing in 
the first draft

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