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Fri Mar 3 10:05:06 GMT 2006

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
>it was suggested by thiago that in kde we should move away from
>X-KDE-autostart-condition since it's KDE specific and doesn't work very
> well in a not-all-KDE world. instead applications should simply add a
> .desktop file to the user's autostart directory with Hidden=true or
> Hidden=false
>to ensure that the latter happens i suggested we provide a utility class
> that app developers can use easily to set autostart on/off. this has
> the happy side effect of future proofing how this is handled by apps in
> case the methods used to accomplish this change, such as the addition
> of a command line tool to add/remove autostart .desktop files for
> security reasons or if we move away from .desktop files for this
> (though that's unlikely?)
>attached is an API for such a class for review. if it is accepted i'd
> like to add this for KDE4 as one of the "KDE component" classes rather
> than add it to kdecore and then later move it.

If you wanted to write a class to allow turning autostart on and off, your 
class is too long.

The way I had envisioned it, apps would install the .desktop file with 
Hidden=true to the autostart directory by default. No application shall 
become "autostartable" without the user turning it on.

The application would simply write to the _user_'s autostart dir a file 
with the same name and with the contents: Hidden=false. This should be 
enough to turn auto-start on.

I don't see why applications need to query or set the Exec, TryExec, and 
other fields. This should be already in the installed .desktop file. All 
the class has to do is write Hidden=false to turn it on and Hidden=true 
to turn it back off (or remove the file).

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