debug libs (Re: KDE/kdelibs/cmake/modules)

Andras Mantia amantia at
Wed Mar 1 08:09:04 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 28 February 2006 20:37, David Faure wrote:
> Imagine: kword crashes in KActionMenu; if my kdelibs wasn't compiled
> with debug I would reconfigure it with debug and recompile it. But
> this doesn't help since kword is still linking to kdecore instead of
> kdecore_debug, so now I need to recompile koffice as well?

Yes, this would be bad. Easy switching to debug builds is useful also 
for the users. For example by default SUSE installs release builds, but 
if you have problems, like crashes, you can install the debug builds 
over the release ones and you don't have to do anything else with the 
rest of your system (you can just have a debug kdelibs or a debug 
application). By having different libraries, this would be more 
complicated as you have to install the debug libraries (and the debug 
version of their dependencies) and the debug version of the 
applications as well (in worst case the whole KDE).


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