kdelibs coding style

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau Friedrich.W.H at kossebau.de
Mon Jul 24 12:18:42 BST 2006

Am Montag, 24. Juli 2006 12:50, schrieb Thomas Zander:
> On Monday 24 July 2006 12:19, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> > So please get one other thing clear: There were some emails suggesting
> > discussing the style to pick (or if at all). With serious thoughts.
> > Thoughts that would like to be answered. And also were by serious
> > defenders of the proposal.
> >
> > > Like I mentioned it's either all or nothing. Which with a minimal set
> > > of cognitive skills you should be able to figure out, means: either
> > > we'll accept the style that is already well defined (Qt style) or
> > > freaking never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever (a few
> > > more evers maybe) agree on a common style.
> >
> > With a minimal set of social skills you should be able to figure out
> > that this does not work with KDE's (previous) development and
> > discussion style.  Come on, did you really think so?
> The proposal was made in a very clear way to _avoid_ discussing
> particularities.

Sure. But there were proposals to discuss it.

Perhaps you could see them as: "No. What about this?" So the either or was 
answered. And a new either or was given :) With no backing from the core 
developers in the beginning, but those are free to pick a proposal, aren't 

> We either use pick a pre-made one, or we don't.

Perhaps it is I miss the logic here, pardon.

> Thats not Zacks forcing 
> anything, thats just experience with lots of developers that each have
> his/her own tastes.

So they do with repository systems. With build systems. With concentrating on 
KDE 3 or 4. Commit policy. Etc. And, didn't it work out to discuss it? To get 

> So, I think you should recognize Zack has a lot more social experience
> then you give him credit for. If only by the fact of recognizing that the
> only way to get this done is by sidestepping the discussion of style.
> That's much to emotionally laden to get consensus on. I hope that fact
> has become clear to more people by now.

> I fully support his actions in this thread, and I think its a shame that
> there were so many people who basically ignored his wise words and went
> on discussing the actual style anyway. Killing this proposal from getting
> a meritocratic Ok in the process.

I did not see any killing. I saw discussions. Reasonings. Nothing stopping 
a "meritocratic Ok" in the end. Possibly for an adapted proposal.

Well, told my thoughts, if I did not got I will fail further on, too :)


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