Robert Knight robertknight at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 23:18:26 BST 2006

> Well, personally, I still wonder if I really need Kate with its sessions and
> other advanced features when I just want to edit a simple text file (even if
> in pratice I do start Kate and not simply KWrite).

Perhaps it would be possible to re-use Kate but start it up in a
"minimal" mode, where it basically acted like Notepad with a syntax
highlighting text editor?

On 23/07/06, Leo Savernik <l.savernik at aon.at> wrote:
> Am Freitag, 21. Juli 2006 19:58 schrieb Jaison Lee:
> > > The really most important question is actually this: Can the user perform
> > > all bidi tasks in kwrite as he could do in kedit? Only if this question
> > > can be answered with an unananimous yes -- and this means that there are
> > > no strage bidi bugs or usability issues left which prevent effective
> > > editing -- then kedit should be sent into its well deserved retirement.
> >
> > Above any objections of an active, enthusiastic maintainer that has
> > put time and effort into contributing something to the KDE project?
> > All so that we can remove one of the smallest apps there is in a
> > module that isn't even always installed?
> First, my reply specifically targets kedit which has gone unmaintained for
> years.
> Second, my reply is actually *in favor* of keeping kedit, because I doubt
> kwrite will provide bugfree bidi editing by KDE 4.0(1).
> Third, on applications being actively maintained, the maintainer has to be
> asked on all matters, certainly. In no way my reply was implying to deny him
> that.
> mfg
>         Leo
> (1) kate-devs may certainly prove me wrong anytime :-)

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