kdelibs coding style

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Sat Jul 22 19:58:09 BST 2006

Am Samstag 22 Juli 2006 20:03 schrieb Maks Orlovich:
> Well, thus far the number of known supporters seems to be miniscule
> compared to a total body of KDE contributors.
> The choice of the mailing list is poor then. kde-core-devel is, after all,
> a restricted list, and many of our contributors likely do not have posting
> rights on it.

This is about kdelibs only.

A great part of the most active kdelibs developers was in Trysil, and they are 
known to support a common policy. Others who where not there have stated 
their support for it (e.g. myself, although my contributions to kdelibs are 
really small).

Since the rule "use the indentation preferred by the author" doesn't work for 
90% of kdelibs code, I am not sure which alternative you suggest. Would it be 
OK for you if we simply exclude those parts of kdelibs from the policy that 
you are maintaining?


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