Jaison Lee lee.jaison at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 20:07:42 BST 2006

On 7/21/06, Thomas Zander <zander at kde.org> wrote:
> On Friday 21 July 2006 19:58, Jaison Lee wrote:
> > That's awfully good to know. I may have to rethink my maintainership of
> > KJots...
> Besides the fact that kedit has been marked for deletion for years
> already, how can you equate kedit your app in this thread?
> Is there an alternative app in kdebase that covers the users requirements
> that kjots covers?  If not, then there is no reason to get upset :)

I'm not upset. Just pointing out the lunacy of the
maintainer-be-damned mentality.

I am aware KEdit is very likely going to go, and I I don't have a
problem with that. But if someone is maintaining it then let him/her
say that is what they want to happen. If no one is maintaining it then
that alone is enough to get it removed before a major release. Nothing
else needs to come into play here.

Keep things simple, and don't unnecessarily piss off people who
volunteer their time. That's all that is required.

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