kdelibs coding style

Charles Samuels charles at kde.org
Thu Jul 20 21:20:01 BST 2006

Cornelius Schumacher wrote, on Thursday 2006 July 20 1:07 pm:
> And many others will disagree with you. To avoid exactly this kind of
> discussions, I think it is a good idea to go with the original Qt style
> without adjustments. Please don't let this become one of these exhausting
> endless threads with no results

We should not tie ourselves to an inferior solution simply because certain 
people do not want to even have so much as a discussion.

You should not be hide behind this "endless thread" comment simply because 
what you want is currently in Zack's document.

Is it truly the shape of things to come that KDE development decisions are 
made by a chosen inner circle in secret without any discussion in public? I 
do remind you that we are volunteers here and decreeing things like this will 
not make volunteers more willing to contribute.

> Somebody recently said that you can recognize a great programmer by his
> ability to adapt to different programming styles. I truly think KDE is the
> most exceptional group of great programmers in the open source world, so
> let's show some of this greatness by not falling into nit-picking about
> details of the style guide.

This sounds something like a thinly veiled Ad Hominem attack.

You're right, KDE has some amazing programmers that are content with making 
decrees rather than getting on with the programming.


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