KCM rename

Daniel Molkentin molkentin at kde.org
Wed Jul 19 11:37:55 BST 2006

Hi Matthias, 

first of all: thanks for taking care about those classes and bringing
them into a usable state for KDE 4.

Am Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2006 11:02 schrieb Matthias Kretz:
> as KCModule and friends are not bound to KControl anymore I believe a
> rename of the classes is in order. In Trysil Aaron and Ben said to call
> everything KSettings:
> KCModule -> KSettingsModule or KSettingsPlugin
> KCModuleInfo -> KSettingsInfo(rmation)
> KCModuleProxy -> KSettingsWidget
> KCMultiDialog -> KSettingsDialog
> KSettings::Dialog -> KSettingsDialog
> KSettings::CompontentsDialog -> KSettingsDialog
> KCModuleContainer -> KSettings(Module|Plugin)Container

Sounds find to me. The only point I could raise is that there is QSettings in 
Qt which has no relation to those classes, although one could get the idea.
But I don't thing the danger of confusing the two is significant.

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