Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Mon Jul 17 16:55:46 BST 2006

On Monday 17 July 2006 11:40, Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Monday 17 July 2006 17:01, Allen Winter wrote:
> > It seems to me that public library classes should either be
> > KDE_EXPORTed or KDE_NO_EXPORTed. True?
> If there is a class in kdelibs that is not _used_ by a class outside that 
> same library, but should have had the EXPORT macro, then something is 
> wrong and it should either not be in kdelibs or it should indeed not be 
> exported.
> This means that in practice its unneeded to have this NO_EXPORT as 
> forgetting the export will very quickly make a compile (elsewhere) fail.
> Because of that, I personally see no advantage in having this, and I think 
> the only result is more work and hard to track down copy-paste errors.

Oh, sorry.   I wasn't clear.
I didn't mean for kdelibs, but for any library anywhere in KDE.

I am writing a krazy plugin to detect missing FOO_EXPORT macros
on public class definitions.   In my testing in kdepimlibs/kcal I found
a few such instances.   If, for some reason, the class shouldn't
have the FOO_EXPORT (like there are a couple classes with a
@internal doxygen tag), then should they be explicitly KDE_NO_EXPORTed

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