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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Tue Jul 11 22:32:27 BST 2006

On Tuesday 11 July 2006 11:38, Jason Harris wrote:
> Aaron Seigo wrote:
> > personally ...... i don't see the problem with app developers simply not
> > updating kdelibs so bloody often. keep your libs and other modules old
> > and just work on your own stuff, and update everything every few weeks. a
> > little self-discipline would go a _long_ way here.
> No.  What typically happens is that you get a commit to your app code
> immediately following a kdelibs4_snapshot update, with a log message like
> "compile++" or "update to new API".  You then have no choice but to update
> libs.

would be nice to simply not update your codebase until some epochal commit. 
unfortunately we use a centralized revision control system which makes this 
hella more difficult.

however, creating a branch for your app and working on that and then merging 
changes over from time to time would also probably work out pretty well. i've 
been doing it for all of kdelibs for a couple months now and outside of a few 
annoyances, it's been pretty straightforward.

this allows trunk to move forward while an app dev can maintain the throttle 
on how fast or slow they update to mainline changes.

it's similar to the "make lib devs have a branch of everything" but 
distributes the branching and syncing load amongst everyone.

*sigh* this would be easier with a distributed rev control system indeed.

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