New Prosal [was Re: policy change related to kdelibs snapshots]

Jason Harris kstars at
Tue Jul 11 18:38:53 BST 2006

Aaron Seigo wrote:
> personally ...... i don't see the problem with app developers simply not
> updating kdelibs so bloody often. keep your libs and other modules old and
> just work on your own stuff, and update everything every few weeks. a
> little self-discipline would go a _long_ way here.

No.  What typically happens is that you get a commit to your app code 
immediately following a kdelibs4_snapshot update, with a log message like  
"compile++" or "update to new API".  You then have no choice but to update 

Don't get me wrong, I personally am very grateful for these heroic 
codebase-wide commiters (though, would it kill them to let us know what 
exactly they are fixing in the commit log?).  I just wanted to point out that 
it's not as if we undisciplined app devs are addicted to the upgrade 
treadmill.  Most often, the decision to update kdelibs4_snapshot is made for 


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