policy change related to kdelibs snapshots

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Mon Jul 10 09:22:28 BST 2006

On Monday 10 July 2006 03:42, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> Why not simply drop the snapshot libs?  Any major changes should have
> their own branch like liveui current has.  When big changes are
> intigrated it can be announced ahead of time that things will be broken
> for a day or two (some porting and testing should have already been
> done).  For any minor changes, the guys who commit to libs should port
> the rest of kde first.

I (as a KWord developer) am firmly against dropping the libs-snapshot, 
even in the way you suggest.
KOffice is on a tight schedule as is and forcing me to recompile kdelibs 
kdepimlibs and koffice so often will not only take the fun out of 

Updating all the packages above and compiling them takes about 3 hours. 
Thanks to cmake the mere chance of a CMakeLists.txt file in a 
koffice/libs will force all libs to relink, for example.
Babysitting a compile for 3 hours (which assumes a 2Ghz machine, which is 
not near standard) before you can start working is a sure thing to lose 
about 90% of the app developers, I suspect.

That and we can't explain it to Google why their SoC students stopped 
being productive all of a sudden. :)

Thomas Zander
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