modifier-only shortcuts

LiuCougar liucougar at
Fri Jul 7 13:44:03 BST 2006

alt+space is widely used in Asia as the trigger key for input method,
so I do not think it should be the default either

I for one vote for the possibility of modifier-only shortcuts support
in KDE(4). Asian users are familiar of switching input methods by
pressing alt+shift/shift+alt. It is fine to avoid modifier-only
shortcuts by default, but it should definitely support it if the users
want to have it


On 7/7/06, Chusslove Illich <caslav.ilic at> wrote:
> >> [: Aaron J. Seigo :]
> >> and it's a "proper" command sequence involving a control key and a
> >> non-control key that isn't used for anything else i can really think of.
> >
> > [: Alexander Dymo :]
> > This would be alt+space on intel, right?
> Bloody hell, how did nobody think of this before? Now I tried, and of
> course it works. Should we make it default?
> Given that there is quite reasonable two-key shortcut available, the point
> becomes unclear to me. Although I would like to have an easy way of using
> single key shortcut, as Aaron pointed out I'm not my user (neither am I my
> programmer, though), so I feel out of capacity to argue :)
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