dependency problem with kdewin32.lib

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Tue Jan 31 20:36:45 GMT 2006

Alexander Neundorf schrieb:
> Hi,
> On Tuesday 31 January 2006 18:13, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
>> Hi,
>> One of my current problems is the dependency of kdewin32 from kdelibs.
>> Bksys (or any other buildsystem) can't check for functions declared
>> inside this lib because it isn't build yet. Is there a way to compile
>> (and install?) this lib before configuration starts?
> yesterday I had a quick look at this directory and had the same impression. 
> After some thinking about it I see only two alternatives:
> 1) either special-case all the configure checking when building kdelibs on 
> windows, and just know that the stuff is available in kdelibs/win/
> 2) build and install kdelibs/win/ explicitely before kdelibs/, and then 
> configure and build kdelibs/ as usual. (i.e. kdelibs/win/ would be more like 
> kdesupport/ )
> ( 3) Try to implement something in the build system which first builds, the 
> checks, then builds again ...not really)
> I'd vote for option two, sounds better to me than too much special handling.
I also prefer the second option. Jaroslaw already created a pro-file for
3.5 which should work for kdelibs 4 too. Have to test it tomorrow :)


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