Error with KPassivePopup and OS X compiles

Richard Moore richmoore44 at
Mon Jan 30 13:54:24 GMT 2006

On 1/30/06, Lubos Lunak <l.lunak at> wrote:
> > Knotify provides a tiny subset of what KPassivePopup can do. Apps
> > already use this functionality including embedding arbitrary widgets
> > and responding to user interaction. Moving it into knotify is not an
> > option.
>  KNotify is supposed to be improved in KDE4 to include e.g. user interaction.
> And what else is KPassivePopup good for other than notifications?

It is useful also useful when there is a non-urgent user decision from
an application such as a tray item. For example an application like
plasma could notice that new themes were available from GHNS an offer
list which the user could choose from. If the user ignores it then it
will go away as it wasn't that important. Other users could be
applications like tenor which could show a popup indicating that they
are about to index, but offering the user the chance to delay the
process if they want to avoid the CPU hit at the current time.
Examples such as this are used heavily in the windows desktop (eg. the
microsoft security thingy, dell's system monitor tool, many personal

In general, all of these are 'notifications' in some form of course
(though arguably that is true of much of the GUI). So in theory could
be part of knotify, but that would involve knotify becoming a great
deal cleverer. Losing the ability to embed your own widgets etc. into
the popup would seem to me to be a major loss which I don't see an
easy way for an out-of-process notification daemon to support.



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