which compilers do we want to support with KDE 4 ?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sat Jan 28 08:56:28 GMT 2006

On Saturday 28 January 2006 02:06, Maks Orlovich wrote:
> > Supporting GCC-3.3 means also supporting the "older" C++ ABI.
> > It means having to support builds and runtimes that use(d)
> > libstdc++.so.5 as well as those that use libstdc++.so.6.
> The ABI makes little practical difference for us at the source edge.

I'm still running Slackware 9.1 here. The latest released version of Slackware 
is 10.2, which comes with gcc 3.3.6. Requiring gcc 3.4 or 4.0 would mean it 
can't be used on the currently latest Slackware.

> Nor for anyone using packages for their distro.  What is more important in
> terms of dealing with gcc < 3.4 is that it has a different C++ /parser/,
> which may mean some troubles with templates. But it's quite possible that
> it's workable --- we don't rely on templates that heavily.

We do, in kdelibs/kxmlcore/.
gcc 3.3.6 is able to compile it, gcc 3.2.3 wasn't.
The only problem I had was the ctor/function declaration problem:
QBrush brush(QPixmap(...));
But this kind of problems can be fixed without problems.

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